Nearly 17 years into the new millennium, there is tangible progress in South Africa’s journey towards a greener lifestyle. Some of the developments include eco-friendly buildings and more sustainably produced food.

Turning to wine, a substantial number of Cape producers continue to lead the way globally, actively conserving part of their land and minimising their agricultural footprint while making enjoyable – and often impressive – wines.

The organic route is part of this choice and forms a category in this competition, while there’s another for those who follow the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) guidelines. The Leadership in Conservation category assesses and rewards those who are responding to environmental challenges in meaningful and successful ways.

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Written as a percentage by volume and always visible on the back label of any wine bottle.

Total acidity

A measure of all types of acidity within a wine in grams per litre.

Residual sugar

Measured in grams per litre, referring to the sugar remaining in the final wine after fermentation.


A measure on a scale from zero to 14 of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, where seven is neutral.

Fiona McDonald
Fiona McDonald

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Dr Winnie Bowman

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François Rautenbach

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Nomonde Kubheka

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Gregory Mutambe

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Star Ratings
5 Stars

Superlative wine, top class, a masterpiece

4 Stars

Excellent, wine of distinction (4-and-a-half stars is on the cusp of 5 stars)

3 Stars

Good (3 stars) to very good (3-and-a-half stars). Fine character and style

2 Stars

Average, appealing

1 Stars

Acceptable, ordinary

Half Star

Half a star, as in 2-and-a-half stars, 3-and-a-half stars, 4-and-a-half stars